Our Family and Honey

Honey is above all a family history for the Renoirs.

Serge as a child would spend hours observing bees.

After farming and wine growing, he fulfilled his childhood passion and became a beekeeper.
His son Sylvain joined him very quickly. He gave up his job in communications to return to nature.
Today he takes great care of his bees so that his sister Séverine can propose unforgettable moments of tasting to everyone.
Graduate of an important international business school, followed by a classical career in a multinational company, her passion for bees has remained intact.
She turned to her childhood and came back to the family beehives.

au coeur de la champagne

Thanks to a know-how transmitted from generation to generation, she accompanied her father and her brother in the apiaries in the heart of Champagne country, where the red poppies, signs of biodiversity, had grown scarcer since her childhood days.
Today, as a mother and for future generations, her eco-friendly stance concerning the protection of the environment and the health of pollinating bees, source of our nourishment, represents a moral code that she defends every day.
Thus, with the experience of her training, her business know-how and her insistance on quality, she started looking for other beekeepers and varieties of honey produced in France, in order to select above all quality and taste, in the colours of our region.
With her beekeeping friends from Champagne, Provence, Corsica, via the Alps, she has blended since the flavours and nectars of nature in her jars of honey.

At each of her meetings with a beekeeping enthusiast, there hides a flower, its pigments, and a new sense of gourmand pleasure. Tastebuds tingle with every mouthful of honey and the bees are in her view the artists of our countryside.