Séverine Renoirguillemets My organic approach for the protection of the environment and the health of pollinating bees, source of our nourishment, is an ethic that I defend every day. At each meeting with a beekeeping enthusiast there hides a flower, its pigments, and a new sense of pleasure. Bees are in my view the artists of nature... guillemets

Séverine Renoir

Miel de mon enfance, the secret of sweetness is inside !
The aroma, the texture, the taste…
For the pleasure of gourmets, Miel de mon enfance offers a wide range of honey Made in France in the colours of our regions.
With the wealth of our floral biodiversity from the Champagne region to Provence, Corsica via the Alps, our honey is harvested in regional natures parks and Natura 2000 sites. The different sorts of honey are gathered and packaged in the traditional way to preserve their natural and gustative characteristics.
The flavours and nectars of the flowers such as lavender, chesnut, lime blossom are in each jar of our honey for unforgettable moments of tasting to everyone.
Honey is above all a family history for the Renoirs. From generation to generation we take great care of our hives.
The quality of our honey from organic farming, and based on a transmitted traditional know-how, is a requirement of our beekeepers friends with whom we work.
As producers, our values commit us to sustainable development and to the biodiversity conservation for the health of bees and our environment, insuring the pollination of the botanical species necessary for our food supply.
Our bees are artists that splash our countryside with coloured pollen.
They are the painters of nature and they contribute to the art of pollination.
At each of our meeting with a beekeeping enthusiast, there hides a flower, its pigments, and a new sense of gourmand pleasure.
Tastebuds tingle with every mouthful of honey.