The art of bees and pollination

What would become of our countryside without bees?
They are the artists of nature.

80% of plant species depend on bees!

The pollination of 200 000 flowering plant species depends on bees. Apples, tomatoes, apricots, pears… are threatened if bees disappear. Avocado dip, aubergine fritters, tomato and onion soups, leak pies, courgette gratin, jam, vanilla, strawberry icecream, chocolate cake, coffee, ... What would be the pleasure for our tastebuds without bees?

For an organic agriculture and for future generations

Guiding beekeepers in their conversion to organic methods protects the health of bees and that of future generations and the food they eat. Each spoonful of honey represents 500 pollinated flowers. By buying one of our jars of honey, you are contributing to the sustainable development and to the biodiversity conservation for the health of bees and of our environment, ensuring the pollination of vegetable and plant species that are necessary for our nutrition.